How we create change with our communities

From the beginning and forever, the people of the communities we serve and the businesses we support will always be at the heart of our solutions. When we invest in a neighborhood, we invest both financial and social capital into the community. We truly believe in the work we do and the people we work with.

Our theory of change

We look to increase the long-term self-sufficiency, safety, prosperity, and quality of life for residents in underserved urban areas through holistic, thoughtful real estate development and services, blended financing across the private, public and nonprofit sectors, and partnership and programming with city, community, and industry leaders.

This is how we keep ourselves true to our mission and the people we serve

We ground our solutions-focused and community-driven approach in our Theory of Change and align our social metrics to the rigors of our Certified B Corporation designation and the international standards of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.


We provide quality, affordable, carefully-managed housing with a resident-first approach.

100 %
of residential portfolio at 60% Phila AMI or less

Economic development

We develop under-utilized commercial properties to restore economic opportunities in under-served communities.

jobs brought to /
created in community


We partner with city, community development, and non-profit organizations to offer relevant services and amenities.

projects: public park, corridor cleaning, façade improvement, tree planting programs

Health and safety

We invest in infrastructure and programming to improve health outcomes and reduce crime and accidents.

$ 725 K
in grants obtained towards transportation and pedestrian safety

Arts and culture

We support local artists through the development and preservation of artists spaces and commissioning of public projects.

70 +
creative economy tenants

Inclusion and diversity

We look to provide opportunities to under-represented groups via our team, vendors and suppliers, and our tenants.

37 %
of industrial and commercial tenants are owned by under-represented groups

These are the stories of how we are helping to create communities that build people up rather than push them out.

SHIFT Impact Report 2018

Together with our partners we share our progress in building safer, more prosperous, and stronger neighborhoods within the communities we serve. Thank you to the partners and people who help make our work possible.
SHIFT impact report 2018
Art board project Sankofa Charter Kensington

Show Your Kensington Art Board Project

We collaborated with Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School and worked with Whose Your Landlord to create artboards to beautify our vacant row homes in the Kensington and Harrowgate neighborhoods of Philadelphia. Our goals were to bring communities together, and help heal the trauma experienced from home vacancy.

Tusculum Square

Working with our partners, Hinge Collective and NKCDC, PennDesign, PennPraxis, and Tusculum Street neighbors, we’re bringing new life to a neighborhood park.
Tusculum Square community project Kensington Shift
Jumpstart Kensington Shift philadelphia

Jumpstart Kensington

Along with our partner, Impact Services, we developed Jumpstart Kensington to empower residents of Kensington and Harrowgate to become developers of their own neighborhood through quality, community-focused real estate development.